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Studying Human-Technology Teaming in Industrial Settings

Our vision is to build human-centered computational models, algorithms, and tools to automate industrial processes with a core objective: augment humans and their capabilities rather than attempt to replace them with machines. In the context of our research, human refers to any stakeholder involved in the entire development cycle of a product or a service to conduct cognitive reasoning and decision-making, complex manipulation tasks, or a combination of both. Examples range from a team of designers tasked with eliciting user needs and ideating, prototyping, and evaluating new concepts to a manufacturing worker operating industrial machinery, co-working with a robot, or performing manual work such as assembly, inspection, maintenance, and repair. Our research methodologies build upon the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and optimization coupled with human-machine interaction technologies, specifically augmented/mixed/extended reality (AR/MR/XR). 

We are grateful for the following funding agencies and sponsors for supporting our research.

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